Pro:Up offers students a one-stop platform to discover real-world opportunities that help discover what they love to do and learn to do it well. Through a custom matching system, Pro:Up connects users to educational and professional growth opportunities, like summer programs, internships, and jobs. 

Pro:Up helps opportunity providers attract ideal candidates through a more efficient outreach channel. Not only can providers directly reach a national database of high school youth, Pro:Up’s custom referral system ensures that their opportunities are being promoted to a highly targeted and relevant audience.




  • Get personalized updates on the opportunities that will get you ahead.

  • Discover internships, summer programs, classes, and even jobs.

  • Share, message, apply, and review opportunities.


  • Attract ideal candidates and grow your enrollment.

  • Promote opportunities to a highly targeted and relevant audience.

  • Get real-time data on how student users are viewing and engaging with your programs.


  • See what your students are doing in real time through a live feed.

  • Run custom reports on your students' extracurricular activity.

  • Search a database of educational and enrichment opportunities using custom filters.